| My Daily Work give me allot cases witch i can do with Powershell Scripts. So far i don’t know any Script-Editor who support highlighting for Powershell Syntax. | It is possible that Intype become for me the next regular editor. I hope this bundle gives advantage to more script developers like me, but don’t expected to much.


Additionaly i packed some snippet in the bundle:

  • fileheader
  • rev
  • switch
  • func
  • for
  • fore
  • func


  • Grab the file (for more Details take a look in the Intype Forum Entry 41 themes converted)
  • Copy all *.itTheme in the folder C:\Programme\Intype\themes (don’t overwrite any File)
  • Open Intype and choose PlasticCodeWrap as the Theme for your Intype (this gives you probably the best view for the Powershell Bundle).
  • Finally get Powershell.Bundle v0.1.zip and copy the contained folder Powershell.itBundle in your Bundle Folder (on my System C:\Programme\Intype\bundles)

Just open any ps1 file and you get the Result. Have Fun.


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