We’r using SQLH2

We’re using SQLH2 from Microsoft to bring sql server related information together on one data store. It’s not a perfect solution when 64-bit is in use, because sqlh2 cannot gather information’s from SQL Server x64. In our case its ok to exclude 64-bit servers. Mostly the Reports are enough declarative to get an overview about a single database growth or changed instance settings. But I’m interested to find databases where are not backup in the past xx days or look at top 10 databases in our environment. This join is a nice base to get Database information enterprise wide:

    mgr_server INNER JOIN mgr_instance
    ON mgr_server.srv_id = mgr_instance.srv_id
    INNER JOIN c_database
    ON mgr_instance.srv_id = c_database.srv_id
    AND mgr_instance.inst_id = c_database.inst_id


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